Madurai Computer Dealers Association

The Computer and Media Society of Madurai (CAMS) is an organisation of entities engaged in IT Hardware Business in Madurai District. CAMS Association is registered as a society. CAMS is the Oldest Association which was formed way back in 1989 to promote Computerisation in south Tamil Nadu and to address the challenges faced by its members.

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  • a VISION : Our Vision is to provide a competent platform to enable, exchange and support interactions relating to technical innovation, information and services, for the benefit of our members and to bridge the gap of digital divide by supplying and supporting world class computing devices to South Tamil Nadu.
  • b MISSION : Our role is to help our members realise their professional ambitions, making the most of an era of extraordinary possibility. We are passionate about recognizing professionalism, developing ICT skills and creating a community with a true sense of belonging and to this end shall conduct training programs, meetings on road map of products thru’ our principle to our members and contact Grand Computer Expos once in every year for the benefit of our members and to the society. We are also committed to advance our industry as a whole by upholding the highest standards of professional conduct through our code of ethics.

1. CAMS 2017-18 New Team Induction on January 6, 2017

2. CAMS 2017-18 first EC Meeting held on January 10, 2017

3. CAMS members contributed for supporting Jalllikkattu - a social cause. To show their support, all members closed shops, went for a rally at Tamukkam grounds on January 20, 2017.

4. CAMS-CONFED members medical health checkup program in association with Thyrocare conducted on January 21 and 22, 2017

5. CAMS members insured for group PA policy in association with CONFED by National Insurance

6. CAMS 2017-18 second EC Meeting held on February 7, 2017

7. CAMS 2017-18 third EC Meeting held on March 4 and 5, 2017 @ Munnar

8. CAMS 2017-18 2nd GB held on April 01, 2017.

9. CAMS 2017-18 fourth EC Meeting held on April 01, 2017

10. CAMS 2017-18 5th EC meet held on April 28, 2017

11. CAMS Family Fest 2017 on May 28, 2017

12. CAMS 2017-18 6th EC meet held on May 6, 2017

13. CAMS 2017-18 7th EC meet held on 15th July 2017

14. CAMS 2017-18 8th EC meeting held on 8 th August 2017

15. CAMS 2017-18 9th EC Meet, Hotel Sree Devi 5th Sep 2017

16. CAMS 2017-18 10th EC Meet, Hotel Sree Devi 12-09-2017

17. CAMS 2017-18 11 th EC Meet , 24 th Nov 2017 at SHARP COMPUTER office

18. CAMS 2017-18 12 th EC MEETING held on 12/12/17 at Standard systems office